Steel Alive

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Steel Alive system

I’ve purchased a set. How do I start playing?

You need to:

  1. Attach your target devices to steel or polymer.
  2. Bind the targets to your master unit. (instructions down below)
  3. Download SteelAlive app.
  4. Start having more fun than ever.
How do I bind the targets?
  1. While pressing bind button, power master unit.
  2. Hold master unit close to the target you want to bind.
  3. Turn on the target you want to bind.
  4. Wait until it pulses with blue light. Then it will wait for the master restart while flashing green.
  5. Repeat steps 2-4 for other targets you are willing to bind to your master.
  6. Restart master unit.
How do I change the batteries?
  1. Slide the lid in direction showed on the top.
  2. Pull the ribbon to empty the battery tray.
  3. Put the fresh batteries inside the tray.
  4. Close the device with the lid to make it waterproof again.
What is the range of the system?

The maximum possible range varies between 30-100 meters (100 – 330 feet) depending on weather and wave propagation conditions.

What batteries are compatible with the devices?

The system is compatible with AA type batteries. We strongly advise using rechargeable batteries in order to get longer play time and save the environment.

How to update Master’s and Targets’ firmware?

There is a certain workflow to update your whole system with new software.

  1. Grab a donut.
  2. Update master.
  3. Grab a cup of coffee.
  4. Update targets.

If there is a new software/firmware version, the App will notify you about it.

How to replace an LED or an LED cable?

Grab the broken LED’s cable plug and gently pull it out. Take a fresh LED and insert the Cable’s plug into the socket.

How many targets can I connect to the Master?

You can connect up to 10 Targets to Your Master Device.

How long do the batteries last?

That depends on the brightness of the LEDs. You can adjust the brightness through the smartphone app.

My Target won't stick to the steel surface. What do I do?

Your steel plate might be wet after rain or there is high humidity. Steel surface should be dry, clean and degreased. Make sure that the hook-and-loop sticker is fresh and unblemished.

Are the devices waterproof?

Yes, they are waterproof. Remember to slide the lid down to the closed position after replacing the batteries.

My Target doesn't work properly. What do I do?
  1. Make sure the target cycles approximately through 6 colors after powering up. If it doesn’t change the batteries. You can check the battery level in the smartphone app.
  2. Make sure the Target is bound to the selected Master unit. Target won’t stop cycling through 6 colors if it is not connected to previously bound Master Unit.
Why the LED doesn’t have all colors?

It is an indication that the LED or the LED cable have been damaged. You just need to replace the damaged part.

Mobile app

What is the subscription cost and what do I get for that?

Standard price of the subscription is 9.99$/month.

Subscribing gives you the access to all Steel Alive Games and Drills, Ranks&Highscores. What is more, you join our Steel Alive family!

How to sign up?

It’s very simple. Just download the Steel Alive app, enter your username, password and email account and that’s it!

How do I start a Game/Drill?
  1. Open your Steel Alive app.
  2. Connect your targets and set them up using the configuration wizard.
  3. Click “New game” and select a game/drill of your choice.
  4. Before you start shooting, please read the short instruction under “How to play?” button.
What is the minimum number of Targets required?

Typically, a Game/Drill requires a certain number of Targets in order to provide the best shooting experience. You can check how many Targets are required, by selecting a Game and clicking “How to play?” button.

How to update the app?

Simply enter the Google Play store or the AppStore on your mobile device. You can also find a link to the Steel Alive app in the applications tab of your Android settings.

Is my smartphone/tablet compatible?

Your mobile device should run Android OS version 4.4 or higher and support Bluetooth Low Energy (4.0).

All Apple iPhones and iPads with iOS version 9.0 or higher are fully compatible.

Why cannot I connect to the Master?
  1. Make sure the antenna is connected to the Master.
  2. Check if power button on the Master is lit up. If not, turn on the Master by pressing the power button.
  3. If power button on Master unit doesn’t light up, change the batteries.
  4. Check if your device supports Bluetooth Low Energy (4.0).


What are the safe shooting distances and what type of ammunition can I use?

In case of tactical steel shooting, there is always a possibility of bullet ricocheting. The kinetic energy may shred the surface of the plate and create dangerous flying pieces. ALWAYS shoot according to the rules stated by the provider of your steel targets. ALWAYS shoot to genuine steel plates. If you are not sure how to shoot safely to your steel plate, contact your steel target provider. ALWAYS wear eye and ear protection.

Where can I use Steel Alive System?

Steel Alive System can be easily deployed in almost every environment. If you are shooting airsoft or airgun you can use Steel Alive system anywhere it is safe for you and other people. ALWAYS check local law before you start shooting airsoft or airgun.

You can deploy Steel Alive system everywhere it is safe and legally allowed to shoot with firearms. ALWAYS remember to obey the law and shoot safely. If you want to use Steel Alive system on public shooting range remember to ask the shooting range authorities for permission to deploy the system.