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Smart Shooting Targets For Everyone!

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Steel Alive app

your complete shooting universe

  • Interactive and easy to configure
  • Multiple games, drills and hero based combat scenarios
  • Advanced statistics allowing you to track your progress
  • Online highscores and leaderboards to compete with others
  • My training panel available at PRO version
  • New stuff available every month for registered users

Community of shooters right in front of you!

Compare your skills, share achievements!

Install Steel Alive app to transform your range into interactive combat environment
Choose one of many games & drills
Hit play and have fun

Earn experience points, complete challenges to become a General of the SteelAlive community and get extra benefits!

Games & Drills

A variety of games & drills lets you practice alone or play with your friends.

  • Different scenarios can train your speed, accuracy and memory.
  • Eliminating multiple “moving” targets or dealing with situations involving hostages is common for special forces. Multitarget environment introduces pressure and uncertainty to your basic training practice.
  • Drills available in Steel Alive will instantly put your skills to the test.

Let's see how long can your survive fighting a horde of undead playing Zombie Attack!

App features

Download our app for free and get even more by going Pro!

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