Smart Shooting Targets For Everyone!

Have you ever thought about digitizing your shooting? 
Measuring your speed and reflexes? 
Training tactical drills and competing with other shooters without an instructor?

All of that is in your smartphone right now. You can even play combat scenarios
first person shooter game is brought directly to your shooting range!

How does it work?

Steel Alive system brings the shooting experience to the 21st-century. You no longer have to measure your skills and quickness manually. A set of Smart Target Devices along with a multicolor LEDs strapped to ordinary steel plate makes the training more enjoyable and beneficial.

Master your shooting abilities with complex drills and customizable training scenarios. Have fun with your friends by playing multiplayer games. Finally, compare your stats and become the best shooter in the world.



Steel Alive is a solution for every kind of steel target regardless of the origin or type.
Our smart devices were designed to serve most of the steel targets ranging from 3 to 15 inch in radius. They work with calibers ranging from 0.22 to 0.223 and bb/airsoft guns.


Smart Target Devices were tested with Hardox 550 steel plates and managed to withstand more than 20.000 rounds of various calibers.


Combo pack is boxed in a heavy duty pelicase designed to protect devices against any damage that could occur during transportation.
The whole set is lightweight (6 lbs) and individual Smart Target Device weighs only 3 oz.


Steel Alive system was designed to support shooting training of every kind and level of advancement.
Our system supports ranges from 0 yards (polymer ricochet-free targets) up to 100 yards. Users can confront their skills in games and training modes as well as in combat-based scenarios. The results are posted in international leaderboards along with the special forces personnel benchmark. Multiple statistics allow the instructors to improve their team’s marksmanship and practical skills.


While the initial pack consists of 5 Smart Target Devices the system can be easily scaled. One Master unit can drive up to 10 Devices. We also provide custom-made systems with the number of Devices limited only by the client’s budget.
All new developments are evaluated at our own 360-degree shooting range ensuring high reliability of the products.

Supercharge your shooting experience

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Multicolor LED unit

  • Super bright (3W of power)
  • 7 selectable colors
  • Infrared version for night vision shooting – Coming soon!
  • Up to 3 LEDs on every target
  • Easy detachable
  • Ricochet resistant
  • Waterproof

Smart Target Device

  • Powered by 4 AA batteries
  • Up to 20 hours of work (8h typical)
  • Works with Firearms, Airsoft, Airguns, Paintball
  • Works best for rounds with energy up to 1900J (0.223Rem)
  • Up to 100 yards of range
  • Up to 10 Smart Targets can be connected at once (depending on the conditions)
  • Matches steel, polymer and plastic targets
  • Easily attached/detached to any target
  • Shock-resistant
  • Waterproof

Steel Alive app

  • Interactive and easy to configure
  • Multiple games, drills and combat scenarios
  • Instant results and statistics
  • Online high scores and leaderboards
  • PRO version coming soon!

Feedback we received

Steel Alive is more than simply adding instant feedback to steel and polymer targets, it is about bringing a whole new community of end users into the shooting sports industry through new technology to drive customer engagement, using the App and subscribers to build a competitive learning and information sharing platform environment. 


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